Agrari Beach Mykonos

Agrari Beach Mykonos is one of the many beauties that this island has to offer. Like many others, this beach is not near the center of Mykonos Town. One of the more important things to know about this beach is that it is a nudist beach. So, in case you are traveling with your family, this may not be the best place for you to hurry up and see.

Agrari Beach Mykonos
Agrari Beach Mykonos: karlygr, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Agrari Beach Mykonos is located eight kilometers down the steep and narrow way, but if determined, you will find this beach in no time. Agrari Beach has its hotel on the end of the beach and it could be described as one of the quieter beaches on the island. Just a few meters down the road at the end of the beach are huge rocks, that divide Agrari beach from Eliah Beach that is just around the corner but in the same bay as Agrari Beach. That is why it’s more than easy to get from one beach to another in case you may not like the company.

Also, Agrari Beach Mykonos having the Hotel sharing the same name, you can stay at the spot, and be just on the beach in just a few minutes. If you don’t care much for the sand there are a lot of things you can do inside the hotel or use the swimming pool but also there are more enough stuff to do in the sea. Having a great reputation often isn’t enough, so here are some other things you can enjoy while on this beach.

In the first place, there is a tour around the whole island that stops at several places on the island so you won’t need to walk around the town if you don’t want to. You just get on a small bat and it will lead you to the best beaches on the whole island. Along with this tour you get to snorkel in the crystal clear waters and there is also an option of diving under the sea and see the most amazing undersea creatures. From fishes to sea stars, octopuses, and their coral world. There are jellyfishes in different colors and much more that this sea can offer.

On the beach that has everything you can need from sun umbrellas to sunbeds and on the top of the beach is the beach Agrari Bar where you can find something cold to refresh yourself. Here you can also find something to eat like a snack and it’s usually something that you can take with you and eat on the way. When the night comes, this place becomes a real party place. There is also a great restaurant for fine dining.

Agrari Beach Mykonos

Even when the tourists had a chance to see almost all the beaches, they still say that Agrari Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on this island. It is quiet and spacious and even if you decide to read the book here, you will have the peace and quiet that you will need to read or do anything you want to d here.

You can rent almost everything that you can see if you want to get into watersports. The evening is for a quiet restaurant meal that will make your taste buds dancing with joy. Restaurant and the Agrari hotel on the top on the rocky side of the beach and it’s furnished like the rest of the island, but everything is white and blue looking from the outside. If planning to spend some time here keep in mind that nudist beach is around the corner, so this is not a family beach.

If you choose this beach for your daily activities you won’t regret it. Have a great time and a joyful holiday here on Agrari Beach.