Elia Beach Mykonos

Elia Beach Mykonos is the largest beach on the island. It is both a nudist and gay-friendly beach so traveling to Mykonos you should be informed that this is not for every family that wants to spend their vacation here. Even though this is the largest beach on the island it is almost all covered with sunbeds and sun loungers you will find a place for yourself. It is the longest beach so because of that in the vicinities are hotels, bars, taverns, and restaurants.

Elia Beach Mykonos
Elia Beach Mykonos: Squirmy2000 at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

If you prefer to lay on the hot sand of Elia Beach Mykonos without a sun-umbrella, there will be also a place for you on this beach. Water is hot and crystal clear, so snorkeling would be perfect on this beach. If you want to go scuba diving you can rent the equipment on the spot. It is pretty far from the center of Mykonos town about 10 kilometers, and there are few ways to get to the Elia beach. It is reachable by bus from Old Port bus station in the center of town.

Also, there is a taxi car that you can rent or a motorbike on land, but there are tours by water taxi that goes from other beaches to almost every beach on the island, and Elia Beach too. If you get here by airplane, you can rent the car there on the spot. Renting a car may be the best option because it cost as little as 10 euros per day to have a car to get to wherever you want on the island.

On each side of the Elia Beach Mykonos are other gay-oriented beaches, so people who come here know what is going on there. Uphill are luxury villas and hotels from which some of them can accommodate even up to eight guests per room. Some liberal families also love the sun and every year more and more families choose to stay here.

Mykonos is for a bit wealthier people, so check the prices before you go here. Because of its clear water, and a good system for waste management, every meter of this place is expensive except for the few smaller things like renting a car.

Elia Beach Mykonos – hotels

Also, here is everything domestic and up to 80 percent of the food is fresh from the island, and the rest of the food that is not from here comes from the mainland of Greece. That’s why you’ll be satisfied with every step, every meal, every sip of the drink will be served to you with the vides smiles on the faces you will ever meet. Hotels and villas on Elia Bech are mostly owned by great people that will meet every one of you personally and welcome you to this paradise on the whole planet.