Fokos Beach Mykonos

Fokos Beach Mykonos is one of the gems saved from a lot of people. Here everyone can rest and have a peaceful day. Settled in the cove on the north part of the island, and it is not overcrowded like most of the beaches on Mykonos.

It is a sandy beach with big rocks on each side of the beach and a few of them are on the way along the beach. It is not like all the other beaches, because you won’t find sun umbrellas and sunbeds on the whole beach. This is the place for those people who like laying in the warm sand and a lot of suns.

It was discovered several years ago, but still, there are not many people here. You don’t need to book a place to be here and odds are that Fokos beach will have a lot of places for everyone who would like to spend the day here.

All the loud and overcrowded beaches are on the south part of the island and Fokos beach is in the northern part of the island, therefore it is far away from everything loud and full of people. Here, for example, you can bring a book and have the peace to read it.

On Fokos Beach Mykonos on the spot is only one tavern called ‘Fokos Tavern’ and they cook usually the local specialties. From fresh seafood to the orders of great meat, great local vines, and there is also vegetarian food. So if you want to have a great meal on this beach, Fokos Tavern will welcome you with arms wide open.

Around Fokos Beach are many other taverns and restaurants at least there are ten of them within the walking distance, but Fokos tavern is on the beach it’s the nearest with great food that you don’t need to look further the great food is just a few steps from your towel.

The only problem that everyone will notice is that there is no shade here. But everyone will be rewarded with the clearest waters you will ever see. You can snorkel here and the sea will reward you with a great sea world that gathers here because the waters are the cleanest you have ever seen.

If you want your peace on the sand there are many ways to get there. It’s 13 kilometers from the center of Mykonos town, so you can get there by car or a rental one, you can get a taxi that will get you to Fokos beach. It is about 12 km from the airport where you can rent a car for reasonable prices.

There is a minibus that will take you there along the way and there is also a VIP service that will be glad to take you to this beach, or you can call one of the local people that offer transport services which can be one of the cheapest ways to get to the Fokos Beach Mykonos.

There is another way to get to Fokos Beach and those are smaller of bigger boats. From small ferries to bigger boats just book your place, and the boat will get you there from any side of the island, during the whole coast around the island and they will get you back in the evening if you want to get back.

Fokos Beach Mykonos

If you are a sports fan, you can scuba dive here jetskiing and fantastic offer to learn how to sail the boat. And if you want or need special treatment here you will get everything you need just be sure to call in advance and everyone will try to fulfill your every need.

So if you want peace, if you love the quiet, if you need a place away from big crowds, Fokos Beach will be the perfect place for your holiday.
Enjoy your stay in this oasis on Earth!