Lia Beach Mykonos

Lia Beach Mykonos is one of the greatest beaches in the whole of Greece. It is located on Mykonos Island and was rated as the most beautiful beach you can get to. It is 14 kilometers far from the center of Mykonos Town, and there are no hotels on the beach itself.

Lia Beach Mykonos Island
Lia beach Mykonos Island

However, there are hotels near the beach, but on the beach itself, there are no hotels on the whole beach.
Just a few years ago this was a secluded beach with almost no swimmers on the beach. This is mostly because Lia Beach is so far away from the town. But with more cars on the island, many people found this gem on the southern end of the island.

These days, people are willing to go on foot to get to this beach because, except for the hotels, this beach has everything else. Today this is the beach in trend, having the music during the whole day, and it gets louder as the night comes. During the day, besides the cocktail bar, there are many activities to offer to the tourists.

Part of the beach is bamboo sunshades and near the water is a sandy beach with a few pebbles on it and the clearest water you have ever seen. It is a pretty large beach, so any time of the day you get here, you will find the right spot for you either you want the sand or a large pillow, or the sun lounger for reasonable places keeping in mind that you are on Mykonos. Those are chill-out places.

Having crystal clear water is the best snorkeling and seeing the most beautiful colors of fishes, corals, and other sea creatures that are used to humans and you will have a great time swimming in the deep waters near the island. The only and the biggest problem is that you need about 20 to 25 minutes by car to get to this beach and after parking, you will need other 15 minutes walking to get to the beach.

But there is an alternate way to get to this beach. The little boat that goes all around the island and this is the last stop on the way, so if you don’t like walking you can get straight to the beach by boat and stay there all day and night. Also, there is scuba diving, and you will enjoy it.

Being that big this beach has its restaurant and bar. The restaurant serves awesome Italian food and the bar makes the best cocktails. Nights are really special here. On the wooden deck, you will be welcomed by the loud music that will last during the whole night.

On the island, there are 4 restaurants and they are Lia Restaurant, La Luna, Thalassa, and Beach Bar Kalafatis. So there is a variety of offers, so there will be something for everyone, even for vegans and vegetarians there is food that almost all comes from the island. Those groceries that can not be found on the island, are bought on the mainland, so everything you will eat here comes from Greece.

Lia beach Mykonos

is far from the center of the town, but if you want wast space, great music, fine cuisine, and those less formal, you will find this beach worth getting to.

If you get to Mykonos by airplane there is also an option of renting a car at the airport for as low prices as low as 10 to 15 EUR per day. That way you can get to Lia Beach Mykonos in no time and you can spend as long as you want to on the beach.

There are a lot of sunbeds and renewed sun umbrellas, so no matter the time you arrive at this beach it will still have an open space for you. Also, the staff is great and seems like always smiling which will soon make you feel at home.

At night everything comes to life, the music gets louder and every single night is a promise ahead that you will have the greatest night and that is for every single night. So if you love parties and having fun, Lia Beach is the place to be. Enjoy your stay and have a great holiday here.