PAROS is one of the largest of the Cycladic islands. The ancient Cretans are thought to have inhabited it. In ancient times Paros was famous for its fine white marble which, together with that of  Moun Pendeli in Attica, was what sculptors of those days used to create their superb masterpieces that today embelish many of the world’s museums. Deserted marble quarries and mines still can be found on the island, but Paros is primarily known as a popular tourist destination.


Paros also had a rich intellectual and artistic tradition, as the birthplace of Scopas and Agoracritus, sculptors; Nikanor and Arkesilaos, painters; and of the celebrated satirical poet Archilochos. Today Paros is well-known for its wonderful Church of Panaghia “Ekatontapyliani” (Holy Virgin of the Hundred Gates), or “Katapoliani”. The main town of the island is Paroikia. South of it is the interesting ancient “Grotto of the Nymphs” and a little way beyond the ruins of a Temple of Asclepios.


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